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Nick Lomax on TRINITY – 01 – 4x80mm – Powerslide Urban Inline Skate frames (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesNick Lomax on TRINITY – 01 – 4x80mm – Powerslide Urban Inline Skate frames
from Powerslide Inline skates on 30 Jun 2017

Check out the full Nick Lomax on TRINITY video right here:

This is the first part with Nick riding the 4x80mm Trinity Smart frame setup, jumping, sliding and cruising his way through the Barcelona streets.

The next level! Nick Lomax went on a mission for this Powerslide video, riding all different Trinity frame options on his Tau inline skate boots. Tricks, jumps, cruising, workout & even long distance, it has it all!

Find out more about the Trinity frames right here:

The patented TRINITY 3-point mounting frame is different and you will feel the different performance from the first moment you start skating. The performance of TRINITY frames sets a new benchmark which is already proven by many top athletes. With TRINITY athletes already breaking records, winning competitions or simply having more fun to explore their limits and beyond. TRINITY is lower, more stable and easier to control, which offers a much better power transfer. It also provides more safety and control plus offers a better absorption of vibration. The TRINITY PRO comes in the double voided wing construction, offers superior stiffness and light weight. It also looks great with its extra CNC milling and nice laser print.

Find out more about the Trinity system here:

Powerslide Trinity, the most versatile mounting system in the world
4×80 slides, cruising, freestyle

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Nick Lomax
Mery Munoz, Danny Aldridge, Rui Vieira, Vincent Lindgren
Nick Lomax
Barcelona, Spain

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Nick Lomax on TRINITY – 01 – 4x80mm – Powerslide Urban Inline Skate frames
Skate Setup:
Powerslide Tau Trinity boot:
Twincam ILQ9 Classic Wicked Bearing
Powerslide Trinity Smart 4x80mm 243mm frame:
80mm 88A Nick Lomax UC Wheels

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