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proVoke – Brandon Long Summer 2011 (proVoke rolling)

proVoke rollingproVoke – Brandon Long Summer 2011
from proVoke rolling on 31 Dec 2011

Brandon Long – A few sessions over the last part of summer 2011.


Song: Empire by The Black Angels
Sound Clip: Taken from the first episode of Happy Endings.

– The skating sucks
– The song sucks
– The color correction sucks
– The blur sucks
– The vignette sucks
– The contrast sucks
– The slow motion sucks
– The edit sucks
– The ender is the wrong ender sucks
– The comments suck

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Stéphanie Richer (s.richer)

s.richerStéphanie Richer
from s.richer on 31 Dec 2011


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Falls/Quality Test3.wmv (Jack Toibin)

Jack ToibinFalls/Quality Test3.wmv
from Jack Toibin on 31 Dec 2011

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Luck of the draw

Grant MajorLuck of the draw
from Grant Major on 31 Dec 2011

This Christmas I asked Santa for a selection of Letrasets.
I decided to make a video showing me using these pens for the first time.
I combined this with my love of music and fashion and this was the end result.

I hope you all enjoy how I spend a typical day drawing!

Illustration, camera & edit by Gareth Major.
Music: New Order – Ceremony.

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Rob Squire 2011 Profile (Jon Fromm)

Jon FrommRob Squire 2011 Profile
from Jon Fromm on 31 Dec 2011

For promotional use only!

Rob Squire’s footage from 2011

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