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Beatbox To Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, But I Dont Need You

Mike AlfordBeatbox To Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, But I Dont Need You
from Mike Alford on 28 Feb 2015

decided to try and beatbox to ed sheeran you need me but i don’t need you, and this is what i come out with!! hope you like it!! like and sub!! also comment what …

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Too Cold to Blade Outiside 3

Doug WilliamsToo Cold to Blade Outiside 3
from Doug Williams on 28 Feb 2015

Some coverage of the TCTBO 3 competition that happened at Ollie’s Skatepark 2/22/15

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GROUND CONTROL – BIG (Anthony Medina)

from Anthony Medina on 28 Feb 2015

Official Posting:

The BIG frame is Ground Control’s newest innovation. Our goal in mind was to create a frame that rides up to 72mm wheels and therefore, allows you to roll smoother and go bigger, but at the same time you’re still able to do all the tricks and maneuvers you would do on regular frames. What better way to test and show the success of our goals than to make an all BIG frame edit featuring GC’s finest representatives from across the globe. We introduce to you the first all BIGs team edit!

Additional Filming: Al Dolega, Aritz Ortega, David Sizemore, Juan Suarez, John Sullivan, Josh Castillo, Josh Glowicki, & Kristian Payne
SONG: Heaters – Mean Green

Jarrod Banning
Josh Glowicki
James Johnson
Aritz Ortega
Keaton Newsom
Chris Smith
Brian Weis

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Victor Galicia Earth

HAITIAN MAGAZINEVictor Galicia Earth
from HAITIAN MAGAZINE on 28 Feb 2015

Haitian issue 4, the Earth issue, is now available at shops.

Victor Galicia
Miguel Ramos
Dan Stirling
David Sizemore
Reincarnation Tour


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Too Cold To Blade Outside 3

Hawke TracklerToo Cold To Blade Outside 3
from Hawke Trackler on 28 Feb 2015

Rollerblade Competition held February 23 2015 in Florence Kentucky at Ollies Skatepark.

Featuring- Mark Wojda, Adam Bazydlo, Jon Cooley, Chris Smith, Brian Weis, Brett Urbas Jimmy Spetz, Julian Mire, Eric Hallimen, Jon Fromm

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