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Let’s Talk Rollerblading Ep. 11 with Lawrence Ingraham (Jan Welch)

Jan WelchLet’s Talk Rollerblading Ep. 11 with Lawrence Ingraham
from Jan Welch on 16 Jan 2023

Lawrence Ingraham is back for episode 11 of Let’s Talk Rollerblading. Join us in the Livestream as we chat about skating and the industry.Check out my ultimate guide to the best aggressive inline skates, where I describe the current skates on the market and go over their pros and cons. big thank you to all my Patreon supporters, this channel would not be possible without you!Michael FrenchWill SwanDylan PierpontMatthew PlasenciaLloyd EstacioMax FerverBrianChris WielkDanny KeyBladeEric WelchJump Street PodcastTaylor PophamJason NewingJan De DobbeleerMike OlsonJson AdrianiMarc ConnollyDave SimpsonDavid NilssonTim HaukeMason ColbySkyeMazEric Miller Kevin Carter BorthJustin ThursdayBig Wheel BladingBecome a Patreon Member: can also Join this channel through YouTube and get similar features as on Patreon, but with a more integrated feel.Donate:…THEN AND NOW BLADING MERCH – and Now Links:Website: http://www.thenandnowblading.comPodcast:…Patreon:…Facebook:…Instagram:…Twitter: #inlineskating #rollerblading #blading #skating

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