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Platform Episode 48 – Grant Hazelton (wheelsceneblading)

wheelscenebladingPlatform Episode 48 – Grant Hazelton
from wheelsceneblading on 31 Oct 2021

Platform Podcast’s latest guest is Grant Hazelton. Grant recently received a signature skate from Roces, so it was the perfect excuse to get him on the podcast. The New York native has been one of my favourites to watch for the past decade, so it was a delight to have him on the show.

Grant talks about his recent injury, the process of getting a skate, his thoughts on the industry, the fact that members of the LGBT community are now getting pro models and more.

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Nick Lomax Pro Aeon, Bacemint, New Wheel Brand WATCH LISTEN CONSUME Rollerblading News (Tom Moyse)

Tom MoyseNick Lomax Pro Aeon, Bacemint, New Wheel Brand WATCH LISTEN CONSUME Rollerblading News
from Tom Moyse on 31 Oct 2021

Rollerblading news. All the edits to watch, the podcasts to listen to and the clobber to buy!Help support me continue to make Rollerblading videos, from Watch Listen Consume: Rollerblading News to Reaction Videos and Hot Takes, any donation would be greatly appreciated. Alright00:08 Consume:USD Aeon Nick Lomax Pro 60 Wheels 58/92a New Everything Company Clay Pigeon Ceramic Bearings Promo Skates – Soul Plate 11/5/21×4 reissues Mag Issue 26 Tease x BONEYARD 11th December 2021 ZEPHYR3.0 & DROP 11.6.21 ICE the spot Thursday Watch:Bacemint ZEPHYR3.0 & DROP 11.6.21 New Everything Company Clay Pigeon Ceramic Bearings Promo Huston Call – Matty P Torden – IKKE GUDS BESTE BARN Listen:Platform Episode 47 – Nicholas Swan Street Podcast Episode 108 with Eric Perkett OutroSpotty DogIm wearing:

Gawds Tim Franken TF1 Aggressive Inline Skate // First Impressions (Back to Blading)

Back to BladingGawds Tim Franken TF1 Aggressive Inline Skate // First Impressions
from Back to Blading on 31 Oct 2021

These are the Gawds Tim Franken 1, the first plastic shell boot from Gawds. They’re based on the USD VII, which was my favorite plastic shell boot before they discontinued it in 2018. Now it’s back with a new look and a new liner, but the same classic design.Make sure to subscribe to follow my month long journey with these boots. I’ll have a full review posted after I give them a good test at all my favorite spots.Thanks for our supporters on Patreon: 0:00First Skate 5:07Soul Tricks 8:06Groove Tricks 9:44Topside Tricks 11:07Wrap Up 12:11* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: We are a participant in an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites. Lawrence is one of the owners of 50/50, Compass and Chroma and while he tries to be unbiased and avoids conflicts of interest, its important to disclose.Music: Blippy Trance – Kevin MacLeod (


from Thisissoul on 30 Oct 2021

In this Video Ivo explains everything about Grooves and compares the Grooves of the most popular Frames on the market.
Attention this Video is mostly suited for Aggressive Skaters.

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