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South West Weekender (mark worner)

mark wornerSouth West Weekender
from mark worner on 30 Sep 2012

filmed over two days in the south west.
filmed and edited by Mark Worner.

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Oak City Presents Casey Wilson

Oak City Inline Skate ShopOak City Presents Casey Wilson
from Oak City Inline Skate Shop on 30 Sep 2012

Casey Wilson now rides for Oak City Inline Skate Shop!

-Casey is one of the most talented bladers in NC and we are proud to have him on the team! His drive, attitude and devotion is what North Carolina blading loves and needs. More edits to come!

Check out for all the rad blading gear!

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Mile High Battle 2012 (Luke Bender)

Luke BenderMile High Battle 2012
from Luke Bender on 30 Sep 2012

Edit showcasing the 12th annual Mile High Battle. The edit was filmed by Luke Bender, Greg Freeman, Lance McGoldrick, Mykael Fatali, and Justin Bar. Edited by Luke Bender, Adam Montoya, and Cletus Kuhn. The video was shot, edited, and premiered at the Mile High Battle After party at Lost Lake Lounge in 9 hours!
Music in the video by
Spot 1:
School Knights
Song: Power Slut

Spot 2:
The Dirty Few
Song: You Want Me

Spot 3:
Nostalgia Just Isn’t What It Used To Be

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One Spot One Minute (TheRoll4life)

TheRoll4lifeOne Spot One Minute
from TheRoll4life on 30 Sep 2012

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profil2012 (coca cola)

coca colaprofil2012
from coca cola on 30 Sep 2012


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