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from on 30 Nov 2021

Well, they did a good  job of keeping this one quiet – Stefan Brandow is the latest skater to join the FR Skates team. We were wondering if he was ever going to find another home after things didn’t go so well with Razors or Roces, but it looks like he’s back in the bosom of a boot company and riding Antony Pottier‘s pro skate. The 360 wallride 180 out was perfectly executed…and it looks like he’s managed to Google Map another strong selection of roofs to throw himself off. The video was filmed and edited by Hawke Trackler. Watch out podcast with Stefan Brandow HERE. Watch more videos of Stefan Brandow HERE.

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4YEARS / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland (Stéphane Ryter)

Stéphane Ryter4YEARS / Asphalt_Blading_Club_Switzerland
from Stéphane Ryter on 30 Nov 2021

4YEARS: We are proud to present you our new video dedicated to street skating. During the last four years a lot of things happened in our life, we faced many changes and life situations. We made a decent amount of projects related to agressive rollerblading and beside of that we kept gathering clips. It’s now time to share with you all those clips and what we have been up to during those last 4YEARS.


Geoffroy Dubreuil
Reto Bürgin
Pierrick Dind
Nicolas Schopfer
Kenneth Rioja
Fred Guignard
Stéphane Ryter

And More

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Martin Gade – Boundaries (

Martin Gade – Boundaries
from on 27 Nov 2021

Razors have been lacking in quality sections on their YouTube channel over the past 12 months but this new part from Martin Gade is highly entertaining and has some serious replay value.  There are so many highlights in this section and it’s clear he put a lot of time and effort into it. There is a good variety of spots on display that show off his technical ability and willingness to take some risk, with several tricks that could have been suitable enders. Also, that last spot with the metal roof does not look even remotely secure enough to try once, never mind several times! Watch more Razors videos HERE.

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Day2149 Nov25 2021 (Kazu)

KazuDay2149 Nov25 2021
from Kazu on 25 Nov 2021

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from on 23 Nov 2021

Mesmer Skate Brand is officially here, with the launch of their website and the release of their debut video – Mesmer Rising. The 20-minute thriller features a phenomenal amount of high quality footage from John Bolino, Dominic Bruce, Levi van Rijn, Marc Moreno, Billy O’Neill and more. Considering how prolific John Bolino has been over the years and how many sections he has released, we thought we had seen all he had to give but we were very wrong – he unlocks a whole other side to his skating in this video and it’s fascinating to watch. Dominic Bruce also shows that he has some incredibly fast feet and very forward-thinking trick ideas. It would have been nice to see more Marc Moreno footage, but I think he was behind the camera for a lot of the project. The action mainly takes place in Barcelona, but there is also Madrid, New York City and a few other locations thrown in there. If this is a sign of things to come, we are very excited about the direction Mesmer is headed. 

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