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London’s Roads Are Tough To Skate; Loser Talk Or Truth? (Bill Stoppard Skating BSS)

Bill Stoppard Skating BSSLondon’s Roads Are Tough To Skate; Loser Talk Or Truth?
from Bill Stoppard Skating BSS on 31 Dec 2021

Bill Stoppard and some straight talk about the state of London England’s roads for rollerblading. Many skaters fret over the state of the London roads, but are they creating internal barriers to success?Big thanks to my supportive sponsors at This is THE place for all the best skates, and ski’s (downhill and cross country!) My adapt GTB skates are available at ProSkaters Place.EARLIEST LOOKS AT MY STREET SKATING SESSIONS AT instagram 360 CAMERA, the Insta 360 ONE X2 is available at ELECTRIC TRANSPORT, (skateboards, scooters and surf boards) Get the Stay Low T-shirt here. When rollerblading, pad it out when in doubt!

2021: A Brief Blading Recap – Part 2 (wheelsceneblading)

wheelsceneblading2021: A Brief Blading Recap – Part 2
from wheelsceneblading on 31 Dec 2021

A look at some more of the most interesting news events, rumours and amusing moments from rollerblading in 2021. We talk about some of the top stories including Arlo Eisenberg, Damon Franklin, Marius Gaile, Ryan Parker and Tom Moyse, as well as companies such as Them Skates and Roces.

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