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Rollerblading Contest Teaser 2018 | Skatepark Wetzikon (BladeAddicted)

BladeAddictedRollerblading Contest Teaser 2018 | Skatepark Wetzikon
from BladeAddicted on 20 Nov 2018

Short teaser for an upcoming inline & scooter contest in Wetzikon, Switzerlnad.

Stay tuned for the full edit next week!


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Hedonskate in California 2018 (

Hedonskate in California 2018
from on 20 Nov 2018

Nils Jansons and Tomek Przybylik recently visited California to attend Blading Cup and here is a brief glimpse into their street skating missions for shop sponsor Hedonskate. We are willing to forgive the fact this was all clearly shot on a Go Pro because the skating is great the boys look like they are having […]

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Rampworx Game of Skate (Rampworx Skatepark)

Rampworx SkateparkRampworx Game of Skate
from Rampworx Skatepark on 20 Nov 2018

You guys asked for Pro Scooter Riders Tyler and Harry to have a Game of Skate at Rampworx Skatepark so here it is! This was so much fun to film! 200 likes for a game of SKATES on rollerblades! Who wants to see this?!


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Be free with three – Barcelona on Powerslide HC Evo Pro Triskates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesBe free with three – Barcelona on Powerslide HC Evo Pro Triskates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 20 Nov 2018

Be free with three – Barcelona on Powerslide HC Evo Pro Triskates – 908253 – Judith from Barcelona, Spain lives our slogan to the fullest, as she pushes through the sunny Catalan streets with style and pure freedom on three wheels. The classy & very sexy skates of choice for her: The Powerslide HC Evo Pro urban inline skates. Shot & cut by Nick Lomax.

Hardcore Evo – Everbody´s favorite skate goes TRINITY!
The revolutionary TRINITY 3-point mounting system is the most sophisticated technology of modern Inline skating. It was just a question of time to update one of our most desirable high end freeskates. TRINITY boosts your performance to another level. Thanks to the lower center of gravity, the better power transfer and optimized balance and control your performance will increase in all aspects. The new Powerslide HC Evo Pro has many stunning features both inside and out. The most obvious change is the TRINITY mounting and the 3x90mm rocker setup, which is based on the Katana rocker frame, which is especially designed for freestyle skating. Bigger wheels make sitting tricks like the ‘Christie’ easier. Additionally bigger wheels give your ankle more leverage, allowing you to lift your heel and toe higher. It’s easier to balance on one wheel with more speed and now with the introduction of bigger wheels it makes speed maintenance and balance easier than ever. The HC Evo Pro offers a huge variety of rockering options which a regular 4 wheel skate can´t. You are now enabled to rocker just one wheel or two wheels on your skates. You can even rocker your left and right skates differently to optimize you own personal freestyle skating style! The skate is powered by Spinner 90mm / 88A PU-wheels and Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 classic bearings. The stiffer upper and improved flex in the ankle area take this skate to another level. The HC Evo Pro is the only heat moldable freeskate in the market. It’s a myth that freestyle skates need 4 wheels. Check out Triskating and boost your performance.
More about the HC Evo Pro:

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Como Frear de Patins – Nível Avançado (Felipe Zambardino)

Felipe ZambardinoComo Frear de Patins – Nível Avançado
from Felipe Zambardino on 20 Nov 2018

Como Frear de #patins
#felipezambardino nos explica com suas dicas -e precisou de patins? pode nos chamar na #gorollerskateshop Whats 048-988155047
Insta: @felipezamba

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