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Clip 09 BKN Rollers Parte 1

Erika Tavares ZacariasClip 09 BKN Rollers Parte 1
from Erika Tavares Zacarias on 30 Nov 2010

E ai galera … Clip 09 saindo quentinho da edit … mas, esta é apenas a parte 1 da minha tour no Paraná e Santa Catarina … Fomos gravar nossa patinadora Nathalia Kamura e a galera que anda com ela nessa região, então essa edit tem BKN e Sungão Rollers rss… A parte 1 mostra nossa saída de Curitiba, o role em Itajai e em Balneário Camboriú.
Espero que gostem, pois para mim foi uma das melhores viagens que fiz aqui no Brasil =D … Vlw a todos é BKN Rollers!

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Adrian Wallace, Epic Skatepark (RollKings)

RollKingsAdrian Wallace, Epic Skatepark
from RollKings on 30 Nov 2010

Adrian at epic park, filmed mainly on one day with 3 tricks from a seperate session. enjoy

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Targi kultury miejskiej – Chełm (OJA)

OJATargi kultury miejskiej – Chełm
from OJA on 30 Nov 2010

Stoisko podczas targów “Sztuka ulicy” w Chełmie

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Little Girl Skate

Kamonluck KanisthanonLittle Girl Skate
from Kamonluck Kanisthanon on 30 Nov 2010

This video will systematically destroy your perception of what a ‘kid’ and ‘girl’ skater is supposed to skate like.Kamonluck Kanisthanon ‘s practice video on October 2010.

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Alex Burston Razors Introduction

Let It Never EndAlex Burston Razors Introduction
from Let It Never End on 30 Nov 2010

Razors are proud to announce their newest UK member, Alex Burston.

Alex is going out to San Diego to stay with the Razors Team and to film for the new ‘Ground Control’ video in a week. Before he goes out there we decided to make him an official UK edit to introduce him properly to the team in his home town of Manchester/Stockport.

With the Winters cold drawing in and the days getting shorter we only had two days to make this, which was made even more difficult with Alex having a hand injury as well.

Thanks to Laurence Badger for the second angle angles.


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