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Josh Glowicki // Razors 2018 (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Josh Glowicki // Razors 2018
from Razors Skate Co. on 2 May 2018

Filmed by Anthony Medina, Aritz Ortega, Austin Bartels, Brandon Bobadilla, Fritz Peitzner, Jarrod McBay, John Sullivan

Edited by Anthony Medina

Song by La Luz – Sure as Spring


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Alex Burston // Razors Cosmo X 125 GC Tri-Frames (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Alex Burston // Razors Cosmo X 125 GC Tri-Frames
from Razors Skate Co. on 13 Mar 2018

‘I skate these skates and frames almost every day for transport alone. So I thought I’d do an edit showing how good they are for recreational use. As you will see in the edit I went a little beyond the the general freeskate theme, I got excited and had to add a few jumps and such init the mix.

Bombing hills, dodging trams, skitching cars, jumping of stuff, riding walls and pulling up bricks from the road…….I had a lot of fun making this edit. Feeling like sonic the hedgehog on skates!

If you enjoy speed and like a strong durable skate I recommend this set up for you. Captured and edited by my good friend Rob Dalton aka Cheese face @creativeperspectivefilm • Enjoy our vision of the GC 6061 Tri frames with the Razors Cosmo skate.’ – Alex Burston

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from Razors Skate Co. on 25 Jan 2018

Company owner, graphic artist, roof lover and Razors Pro – Stefan Brandow.

Filmed in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Charlotte.

Main Camera: Hawke Trackler

Additional Filming: Logan Fuller, Josh Yarmesch, Ryan Benner, Cody Reffner, Ryan Parker

Wheeled footed trickery performed on Razors Cult and Shift skate models.


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Yuri Botelho Street Edit (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Yuri Botelho Street Edit
from Razors Skate Co. on 28 Dec 2017

Some tricks Filmed in 2017

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Derek Henderson – Razors Pro 2018 (Razors Skate Co.)

Razors Skate Co.Derek Henderson – Razors Pro 2018
from Razors Skate Co. on 25 Dec 2017

Just after Blading Cup 2017, Derek Henderson sought out to create his first ever professionally produced full length section. During the filming process, he received a phone call asking if he’d like to skate pro for Razors.

He thought they’d never ask!

Hailing from Fresno, California, Derek has been blading since he was 8 years old, and riding for Razors since 2009. Now a proud husband and father, and founder/owner of S9 Bearings, Derek is cementing his legacy as the most menacing, passionate, and powerful blader in Central Cali. Don’t mistake his kindness for weakness though, because the rattlesnake of rollerblading has bite – and a venemous trick vocabulary!

Song: Slayer – Epidemic
Filmed by: Gary Magill and Joji Ihara
Edited by: Gary Magi
Artwork by: Erik Beltran

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