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from on 12 Nov 2018

The XCCV crew have finally released a promo for their forthcoming XCCVOD. The teaser clip gives a pretty good indication that we can expect big things from Bobi Spassov and his Israel-based crew. There looks to be a good mixture of technical rail skating, creative flair and a few stunts for good measure. The VOD will […]

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The Groovy Deed Teaser (

The Groovy Deed Teaser
from on 9 Nov 2018

Jonas Hansson is back with another full length blading video, to follow up State Of The Art, in the form of The Groovy Deed. The trailer gives very little away, apart from the fact that the project is once again going to be beautifully shot. Then again, with a lineup that includes Eugen Enin, Soichiro […]

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Bacemint – Rare Form (

Bacemint – Rare Form
from on 9 Nov 2018

Bacemint are back with a new clothing collection and n There is very little information about the video on the site other than who is featured, so here is a little insight. The feature is approximately 11 minutes long and features Bacemint regulars Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Anthony Marchione. Notable additions include Nick Labarre, Matt […]

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#120: Phil Won Blade Cup (

#120: Phil Won Blade Cup
from on 9 Nov 2018

Y’all want to talk about negs, legs, and inclusivity? Philip Moore won the Blading Cup last weekend in Santa Ana, Calif., earning him the title of professional rollerblader. Back home in Oakland, Phil talks about his win, diversity in rollerblading, and he answers question from a Reddit AMA. You can directly download the episode here, or […]

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#119: Cavin Brinkman (

#119: Cavin Brinkman
from on 8 Nov 2018

You ever start a fight only to turn around and film it? Cavin Brinkman is a rollerblading filmmaker from Amsterdam whose latest full-length feature is the Adapt Brand Team Movie. While visiting the United States, Cavin came up to the Bay Area after the Blading Cup. We talk about Winter Clash, the infamous Sprite fight, […]

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