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This Week in Blade Ep21: Roller Champions, Kennan Scott, Adrià Saa, Long Grinds, and More! (TheBizOne)

TheBizOneThis Week in Blade Ep21: Roller Champions, Kennan Scott, Adrià Saa, Long Grinds, and More!
from TheBizOne on 17 Jun 2019

Episode 21 of This Week in Blade
Covering really dope things happening in blading this week
Sorry for the noise in the background, they decided this week that the pot hole right outside my house would get fixed, right at shoot time.

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For starters:
Derek Henderson staring into your soul

Roller Champions Video Game

On A Roll Mods

Kennan Scott creator of Blading on the Brain
Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_6h0L8kv3xhEOJXprIXhg

Adrià Saa BCN ’92

Shop Task video Gary Vibes

Eugen Enin USD Shadow Promo

Danny Aldridge & Mathias Von Gostømski FSK

New Bearings Rich Breeds Doc by Ollie Voak

Joey Lunger for TooEasy

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Jerseys finest @burd3n 🍻

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Stephan Brandow for the Roces Team Skate

Nick Lomax Torque in a fountain

Beat slide FOREVER

Evert Lubja soul up to 540 dark side true top star

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Day1130/June17/2019 (Kazu)

from Kazu on 17 Jun 2019

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miniramp – ST0m (Claudio Antonelli)

Claudio Antonelliminiramp – ST0m
from Claudio Antonelli on 17 Jun 2019

Some more testing of the metal Parts, its a lot of fun.
Got some highlight trouble cause i’m the whitest of the white. (I spend too much time at a computer)
Did go for an older look. Most of the grading is done in the RAW settings.

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from Golpe roller on 17 Jun 2019

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Toma una buena elección en tu equipo deportivo de #patinaje en línea.

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The Process: Chemi Simiyu – TopX (ChemiSimiyu)

ChemiSimiyuThe Process: Chemi Simiyu – TopX
from ChemiSimiyu on 16 Jun 2019

Facebook.com/ChemiSimiyuFanPage Instagram: @ChemiSimiyu Snapchat: @ChemiSimiyu Inquiries: chemi.simiyu@hotmail.com

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