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“Those Left” Official Video Teaser – A Celerity Production

Media Revere“Those Left” Official Video Teaser – A Celerity Production
from Media Revere on 28 Feb 2012

Official Teaser for “Those Left” 2012.

Over the last year while filming for several films in the southern California area I have accumulated several hours of footage of some of the most breaking edge skaters in this era.
This is the story of the skaters that did not get a video section. Though working just as hard and proven it by the amazing skating caught through these lenses. Battling injury’s through tour’s and time’s ageing at our skill. This is the documentation of their triumphs…


Alex Wick
Chris Couture
Russell Day
Ryan Parker
Dre Powell

Also Starring (In No Specific Order)

Anthony Gallegos
Iain McLeod
Brian Aragon
Julian Bah
Ryan Parker
Haydan Ball
Tom Coley Sowry
Eric Christianson
Erick Rodriguez
Chris Calkins
Jake Chok
Steven Tat
Ian Freunscht

Shouts to Stefan Brandow for droppin us a wicked logo for this teaser!

Best Viewed on a 720p monitor or better. 20Mb/s

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