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Hedonskating 2017 #14: SkateinPark (Chorzów) (hedonskate)

hedonskateHedonskating 2017 #14: SkateinPark (Chorzów)
from hedonskate on 30 Nov 2017

Środowa ustawka rolkowa na najlepszej krytej miejscówce w Polsce SkateinPark – Chorzów.

Jeźdźi Patryk Pilch, Sebastian Gruba, Tomasz Szymczyk, Paweł Komosa, Jakub Olejarz, Tomasz Kwiecień.

Data: 30.11.2017


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Hedonskating 2017 #14: SkateinPark (Chorzów)

Augusto Castillo – One For The Road (Mike Torres)

Mike TorresAugusto Castillo – One For The Road
from Mike Torres on 30 Nov 2017

Augusto’s section started one night in January 2016 over some beers at a local bar in Bushwick. We knew we wanted to work together to make him a well thought out section as a stand-alone piece.

For a large portion of this, Augusto was working second shift in midtown, which means he wasn’t getting off of work until 11pm, and I was working a 9-5, so the only way our schedules would line up for one on one filming is if we were putting in some seriously late nights during the week. This ended up giving his section a very special feel since we realized we had just as much (if not more) night footage as we did day footage.

There was a couple things I didn’t realize when we began this project. First was that Nate Moore had a ton of Super 8 footage of Augusto that he was willing to contribute, and second was that Augusto was SUPER good at filming. Both of these things ended up making One For The Road possible since Augusto basically filmed my entire part, and since Nate had loads of beautifully shot Super 8 footage that helped beef up the supplementary sections and give a wonderful aesthetic to the video. I think it’s safe to say, without this section, the video wouldn’t have happened.

Mike Torres
Nate Moore
Greg Mirzoyan

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