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Last sessions of 2020 | Skate Everyday #bfreeVlog 1273 – 1279 (B FREE)

B FREELast sessions of 2020 | Skate Everyday #bfreeVlog 1273 – 1279
from B FREE on 31 Dec 2020

Thank you to everyone who continues to join in on my blade journey. I know this was a rough year for most of us, my prayers and love go out to everyone. Heres to hoping for a brighter more positive year.PeaceLoveBfree#bfreevlog Days 1273-1279Check out my new book: When Jimmi Skates: of Lagos Documentary: to Shinobi Blade Clan YT : LinksInsta360 One R: Accessories: Pro Hero Session 5: Eagle Aggressive Skate : Eagle Freestyle Skate: Portable Power Station Explorer 240: Wooden Wobble Balance Board: Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter – Death Lens: Helmet: & Promo Codes:Decathlon Sporting Goods Store10% Discount on all productsHttps:// ONLINE CODE~ Connetic Clothing Lifestyle Brand visit Off Link~ All Flying Eagle Skates & Gear Visit Off All FE ProductPutting aggressive frames on a freestyle boot by Flying Eagle F3 Origami freeskatePart 1 – 2- by: Balance Cooper…Check Out @bfreebladingacademy on IG or visit the website at www.bfreeblading.orgFacebook:…Follow on IG @bfreebfreeFollow ~ Erick Garcia on IG @juicedsuckafoos also Subscribe to his channel…Contact for photo inquireIntro

ZEBRAS, Elephant Seals & Estrojen on BLADES?! (Joe Atkinson)

Joe AtkinsonZEBRAS, Elephant Seals & Estrojen on BLADES?!
from Joe Atkinson on 30 Dec 2020

Counteracting our festive eating habits the crew decides to leave the house on a spontaneous Safari tour to seek Elephant seals & Zebras, Miguel & Michelle (aka Estro) show us what’s up on the ramps, While Rob and I hike to a hidden cove.

Ft Miguel Ramos, Michelle (Aka Estrojen) & Rob Guerrero

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Aniek Kerkhofs – Street 2020 (Aniek Kerkhofs)

Aniek KerkhofsAniek Kerkhofs – Street 2020
from Aniek Kerkhofs on 30 Dec 2020

In 2020 I did a lot more street skating than usual, so I decided to make a compilation! It was a weird year for all of us, but the blading community stayed its lovely self. I want to thank everyone this year for the cool (filming) sessions 😀 And I wish everyone to stay safe and keep blading! Hopefully 2021 will be better for everyone.Song: Jaya The Cat – The Carnival


from XCCV on 30 Dec 2020

Video by : Bobi Spassov & Omri Baum
Filmed exclusively in the streets of tel aviv
September – October – November 2020

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