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from Be-Mag on 17 May 2022

The 50/50 Frames company recently brought their pro team together to shoot an incredible new team video titled “Research Triangle” which features the diverse skating talents of Stefan Brandow, Chris Farmer, Jon Fromm and Yandriel Silverio. The 50/50 team was able to put together this amazing team collaboration in quite a short period and the final product really shows the comradery between the guys & also the insane level of talent that each of the individuals possesses. “Research Triangle” was […]

BLADING CUP DRAMA, NFT Only Them Skates, Possible New Razors Shell, Wizard Frames & More Blader News (Brandon Drummond)

Brandon DrummondBLADING CUP DRAMA, NFT Only Them Skates, Possible New Razors Shell, Wizard Frames & More Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 17 May 2022

Montre has his rightful Blading Cup win taken from him due to corrupt judging, dividing the quad, and inline scenes. Razors are possibly making a new boot. NFT owners’ only version of a Them 909 released and a WHOLE lot more of rollerblading news. A recap of everything happening in rollerblading over the last month.Join me LIVE most days Support me on Patreon Submit to the show Blade Claymation by @hey_xiaotian Blading Cup 2021 Edit Blading Cup Drama & Results Spring Blading Cup Edit 2022 Get Me to Spring Blading Cup 2022 Micheal Witzeman WIns Blading Cup 2022 Micheal Witzeman Wins $169 Trick Bounty $25 Buzzcut Bounty – Fortnightly Comp Thijs throwback edit Liam’s first cork 720 CUT STORY! – Bearing Removal Tool Jumpstreet Podcast – JUMP SUPPLEMENTS Austin Paz hates skate laces and recommends elastic laces NEW Laced Stealth Laces at skate shops WORLDWIDE New Loco Warehouse is MASSIVE Harolds first edit – Brainless Young gun Micha Pietrzak IG Them x Clarks speculation Drug receipts x Blading Cup x Them 909 NFT owners only skates Braindead x Them x Wizard Them Skates & Brain Dead present: JK in 5D Vision Endless Mercury Frames 50/50 Sacha Lopez Prime Frames 50/50 Frames Presents: Research Triangle Billy O’Neill Tweet New Bladies Wheel Razors Paying $30 in royalties! New Razors Shell 2022On Geoffrey’s IG Story My top secret Discord Bill Stoppard Adapt skates Jimmy Cisz impossible to name trick Jimmy Cisz – Faction Skate Company VOD Support the channel by…Subscribing to my YouTube Channel my “How to Rollerblade Series” at Laced NZ (My merch) a YouTube Member, getting access to perks follow me on all other social media linked below

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