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BG Forever Premiere / Box Jam (butterTV)

butterTVBG Forever Premiere / Box Jam
from butterTV on 23 Sep 2019

Long Beach, California – February 9th, 2019. Shortly after following E.Rod around for an episode of Action Figures, which gives a very brief glimpse of his work and behind the scenes of his film Forever, the short journey came to a close at Tim Franken’s warehouse where the video was premiered as well as a box jam which was a bracket style competition that came down to a final four competing for cash prizes as well as other goods. Always a good time celebrating with everyone. Cheers!


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Action Figures: Erick Rodriguez – Bladergang Worldwide (butterTV)

butterTVAction Figures: Erick Rodriguez – Bladergang Worldwide
from butterTV on 23 Sep 2019

Episode 3 – Erick Rodriguez has been putting in work for a very long time and is constantly delivering us content as well as soft goods. I’ve ran into E.Rod on several occasions during events and he’d always share what projects he was currently working on. After Blading Cup 2018 we made a quick stop over to Long Beach, California and spent two days to gain a little insight on his workflow and catch a short glimpse behind the scenes for the filming of his film titled “Forever.” A few months later we attended the premiere which also included a box jam at Tim Franken’s warehouse that had a prize package of cash and other goods. The turnout was great as well as the skating and everybody had an awesome time coming together to celebrate.
Currently, Erick is already finishing up on his next VOD project: “Crickets” which follows the gang through Mexico City and other locations around the world.



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BPSO4: The Fourth Annual Boschi Pope Skate Off 2019 (butterTV)

butterTVBPSO4: The Fourth Annual Boschi Pope Skate Off 2019
from butterTV on 4 Sep 2019

“Thank you to everybody for coming out today for the BPSO4… I love y’all… be safe and everybody kill that shit!” – Boschi Pope

Four years strong: While the BPSO is still a young annual event, it brings alot of people together from all parts of the globe. The energy is still loud and crazy and the final round is still as chaotic as it was in it’s first year with spectators, filmers, and photographers never sure which way to look or point our cameras because the skaters are killing the spot from every direction. Lots of love to everyone that constantly collaborate to keep this event going and to everyone that shares the same amount of excitement as they do every year we all come together – Thank you! See you all next year for the homecoming. Cheers!

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Windy City Riot: Nineteen Years (butterTV)

butterTVWindy City Riot: Nineteen Years
from butterTV on 19 Jul 2019

“At the end of the day it happens because we make it happen.” — Adam Bazydlo

Chicago, Illinois — July 13th, 2019. Nineteen years and the Riot is still going strong…very strong. Lots of support was gathered by everyone which was clearly visible by the donations made to the prize pot as well as the amount of people who showed up. The skating took place at four different locations and the entertainment was nonstop—spots that would normally be hit maybe once for a clip were being session’d especially the last which was a big drop ledge and a kinked rail. Afterwards we all celebrated and winners were announced at a gallery of Matthias St. John’s amazing photographs where tons of stories were shared about many of them. Also, we celebrated the release of the magazine: SKIPBOOTZINE. Like always, this was another event that was nothing short of good times and great vibes. Cheers!


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Delta City Open IX: Candy Land (butterTV)

butterTVDelta City Open IX: Candy Land
from butterTV on 5 Jul 2019

“I’d buy that for a dollar!” – Bixby Snyder

Detroit, Michigan — May 25th, 2019. The ninth year of DCO; Candy Land, which had some of the best art direction for its flyers leading up to the event, was nothing short of fun times with the community sticking together strongly while getting from one spot to another. The meet up and first spot was ledge island which is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone either drove or hopped on the bus provided to the second spot at the MLK apartments where the residents, especially young kids, gathered around the watch the clinic that was put onto the rail—definitely a highlight when the locals are cheering. We then made our way to an abandoned warehouse that was setup with DIY boxes, ramps, etc… which came at the perfect time because it began to rain pretty hard, and lastly the final spot which was a set of down rails. We ended the day at the newly built Riverside Skate Park where winners were announced along with bbq and cold ones. Nothing but good times and good hospitality. Cheers!


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