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Choosing FR Skates: No BS guide… (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesChoosing FR Skates: No BS guide…
from LocoSkates on 14 Apr 2024

The FR Skates are difficult to choose due to there being a number of seemingly similar variants at different price-points. Jake takes a closer look at the FRX, FR3, FR2, FR1 and FR1 Deluxe skates to break down the differences between models. Watch this buyers guide to decide which FR skates model is the most suited to your needs or budget.We’re showing all 80mm versions. If you’re unsure what to buy, just stick with the 80mm verison.This is a guide ONLY for the best-selling, flagship FR ‘Freeride’ mould skates (Not FR Slalom & Carbon Fiber models). We omitted a few Freeride models (like the UFR 90, FR Junior, FRW etc) because we didn’t want to overcomplicate things and the 5 models shown are the relevant ones to 99% of people.

Standard Omni Skates, In-Depth Review (LocoSkates)

LocoSkatesStandard Omni Skates, In-Depth Review
from LocoSkates on 3 Mar 2024

Full review of the Standard Omni skates. Jake gives the skates a run-in on the Loco plaza and talks spec, fit, how they grind etc.Also featuring Gaston Demoratti and Harry Abel.0:00 Intro0:55 Sizing/Fit1:50 Buying options2:16 Soulplate size2:54 Cuff/buckle bolts4:02 Shock Absorbers5:23 Frame7:09 Mounting system8:03 Trying them on8:37 Royales10:38 Cess slide10:49 Rolling11:11 Topsides11:34 Weight11:47 Backslide12:40 Unity/Sav 12:57 Torque Slide13:28 Harry’s Opinion15:28 Gaston16:09 Back in the studio

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