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Anbar spot an introduction (Louis Devereux)

Louis DevereuxAnbar spot an introduction
from Louis Devereux on 16 Aug 2021

A quick video showing the potential of the Anbar spot in Marrakech. Captain Assil and a group of BMX’er and rollerbladers started the DIY project during the first lock down, now is the time it needs help to reach it’s potential. A go fund me page run by Skate to Create foundation has been lunched to turn a good skate spot into a community space for all. With the help of Skate to Create and the serious hard work of the guys running the project we are revolutionising the space. With advanced obstacles that will test even the experienced riders, flat smooth ground for beginners to learn, skates donated from the UK to start a skate school and community gym, workout space and chill area what was once a notoriously dangerous part of Marrakech will become a safe, active space for everyone.

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