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Niko Salaman Street 2017 (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanNiko Salaman Street 2017
from Niko Salaman on 17 Jul 2018

For The Blade Clothing and Slaptap

Filmed through 2017 during my first strong recovery period for my ankle, so mostly all on my left foot until I went travelling in Asia and started to use my right foot again(back royale in China) but then Ive hurt it again now so am currently recuperating and working towards getting my right foot back to a 100 percent for good this year, its a long road but ive had results before so I know I can get results again!

Always for the love of Blading!!

Thanks for filming everybody, main filmers I can remember are Sam Cooper, Stephen Riddick, Anthony & Chris Brown, Diego Alcala-Gaona, Sophia Salaman, sorry if ive forgotten you :/

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The Legendary Ledges, 2 Minutes in Chengdu, China, (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanThe Legendary Ledges, 2 Minutes in Chengdu, China,
from Niko Salaman on 9 Jun 2018

After a month and a motorcycle accident in Thailand I moved on to China to visit my sensei and contend in the F.I.S.E in central China, the massive city of Chengdu!

This is more of a general session and just experience of just how good this spot is as my collar bone was still healing from the motorcycle incident :/

no copyright infringement intended, I use the musical content as a customer having bought it and use this content as personal, non profit recreation.
I make no money from this content, I mean come on! its a rollerblading video.. we poor.

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Dean Lane February U:E:D Chiller (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanDean Lane February U:E:D Chiller
from Niko Salaman on 8 Feb 2018

Undercover Ecstasy Druglord All Blacked out in The Blade Clothing garms, chiller at the Deaner, check the switch and natch šŸ˜‰

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Rampworld Turkey Sultana (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanRampworld Turkey Sultana
from Niko Salaman on 26 Dec 2017

Just a chilled pre-christmas turkey burn off session on the grind box at ramp world cardiff, with my old blade teach Diego, and my teachee Antony with the backflip!

music : Tash Sultana – Notion (I do not claim copyright ownership of musical content, I am simply freely recycling musical content and do not receive any financial benefit from any of my content.)

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Niko Salaman TBC 2 Days in Wales 2015 lost clips (Niko Salaman)

Niko SalamanNiko Salaman TBC 2 Days in Wales 2015 lost clips
from Niko Salaman on 10 Sep 2017

Salvaged these 2 year old clips from Wales a while back, filmed in Barry and Cardiff #thebladeclothing #slaptap #barrybados
Great memories from the first time I stayed with Riddick, plus a few hammers here and there..

music: Hours – S U R V I V E
(I do not claim copyright ownership, any claim against is invalid as I make no profit whatso’ever from this content, thus merely free advertisement is gained by the actual proprietors)

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