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from ONEblademag on 18 Jan 2019

Filmed from late 2017 through the end of 2018, JUST BLADE 2 brings you along for the ride as ONE traveled to Seattle, New York City and throughout California to capture blading from some of the most dynamic bladers on skates. Featuring a profile section of Razors Pro Derek Henderson, as well as a large, diverse cast of talent including: Antony Pottier, Chad Tannehill, Adrien Anne, Austin Paz, Warren Digne, Chris Couture, Jeff Dalnas, Chad Hornish, Philip Moore, Evert Lubja, Justin Brasco, Mike Torres, Garret Mitschelen, Stephane Mosselmans, James Perez, and more! 

So hit play… it’s time to JUST BLADE (2).

Running Time: 18:27


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Blading Cup 2018 Raw Clips Highlights (ONEblademag)

ONEblademagBlading Cup 2018 Raw Clips Highlights
from ONEblademag on 5 Nov 2018

Raw footage Highlights from Blading Cup 2018:

Pro Division Results

1) Philip Moore
2) Nils Jansons
3) Alex Broskow

Am/Open Division Results

1) Hazen Bell
2) Chad Hornish
3) Damon Franklin

Veterans Cup Results

1) Dan Rosado
2) Shane McClay
3) Scott Crawford

Bladies Results

1) Grazyna Wratny
2) Aarin Gates
3) Fallon Heffernan

Under 18 Results

1) Danny Garcia
2) Kraig Cuico
3) Mano Pacia

Clips by ONEblademag and Steve Steinmetz

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JUST BLADE: Montage 2 (ONEblademag)

ONEblademagJUST BLADE: Montage 2
from ONEblademag on 17 Apr 2018

The second of two montage sections from JUST BLADE.

Featuring: Russell Day, Garret Mitschelen, Jon Fromm, Casey Geraghty, and Jeff Dalnas.

Read & See More: http://www.oneblademag.com/blade-life/jeff-dalnas-2017/

Filmed 2016–2017. Cover photo by Sean Macgowan.

See the rest in JUST BLADE: https://sellfy.com/oneblademag

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San Diego Classic 2018 (ONEblademag)

ONEblademagSan Diego Classic 2018
from ONEblademag on 13 Apr 2018

Host Russell Day’s second annual San Diego Classic set the stage for a full day of shredding the streets of SD as a roster of talent featuring the likes of returning champion Chad Tannehill, Jon Fromm, guest entry Carlos Bernal all the way from Barcelona, Anthony Luna, Damian Michalski, Hayden Ball, Tim Franken, and more fight for the first place title.


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Winterclash 2018 (ONEblademag)

ONEblademagWinterclash 2018
from ONEblademag on 26 Mar 2018

ONEblademag went to Eindhoven, Netherlands in February for the 2018 Winterclash. This is what we witnessed at Area51 skatepark.

Featuring: Antony Pottier, Chihiro Azuma, Chris Haffey, David Sizemore, Eugen Enin, Jacob Juul, Jarrod Banning, Jo Zenk, Manon Derrien, Montre Livingston, Nicolas Servy, Nils Jansons, Scott Quinn, Sean Darst, Soichiro Kanashima, Jon Fromm, Bobi Spassov, Xavi Alcazar, Justas Karcauskas, Martin Danning, Ruben Smulders, Adrien Anne, Dominik Wagner, Joe Atkinson, and more.

See More: http://www.oneblademag.com/events/one-winterclash-2018

Music by Clima Productions

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