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FCTNxBK (ONEblademag)

from ONEblademag on 11 Nov 2023

We spent a late August day in Brooklyn with Faction team members Jimmy Cisz and Hood Panda to check out a couple spots and see if they had enough left in the tank after the hot event weekend to make anything happen. Lucky for us theres probably never been a cess pad that Jimmy could pass up, so despite being exhausted and beat up, he went to work running through spins and variations that brought back visions of classic era Dre Powell. After putting the plastic seating area through the paces we headed nearby to the famous curved rail for Panda to give it a try. A few rides later he got to the end and we got to celebrate with slices from Two Boots Pizza before each heading home in our respective directions. Good times that made it possible to put together this James Reetzke inspired piece. &: @oneblademag

NYC Street Invite 2023: Final Spot Still Captures (ONEblademag)

NYC Street Invite 2023: Final Spot Still Captures
from ONEblademag on 31 Aug 2023

500 phones out grabbing clips and live video at the NYC Street Invite, but a great photo still captures a moment in time that’s open for interpretation. They provide moments that can be savored, studied, scrutinized for subtle details that the quick motion of a video clip may not provide. While we prep our own […]

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