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PLASTIC PUSHERS volume 3. (Plastic Pushers)

Plastic PushersPLASTIC PUSHERS volume 3.
from Plastic Pushers on 19 Dec 2022

Welcome to the 3rd installment of Plastic Pushers.If you like what we do and want to support for the next order some merch this one, we got a fresh international lined up for you.0:00 Intro.2:10 Freddy White. 5:57 Ruben Huisman.8:28 Friends NL. 15:58 Rob Dalton. 18:28 Cavin Brinkman & Willem Heijmans. 22:03 Friends EU. 27:22 The Youth. 33:40 Francesco Fama.32:30 Friends 2. 37:19 America.45:30 Yves Maurer.49:58 Eugen Enin. 54:01 Chris Farmer. 58:34 Outro.We had the pleasure to work with these great musicians that gave us the right to use their songs.Jimm Hall – Wanderlust – Yamuna By Twilight – Trail Error – Neutral Company Valette – World Alone Hyperlink – The Flash – Worlds of Thieves – Weaker Flexican – Stree Remix Valette – Pandora a ginger – Aborigiman – When The Dark Presseshttps://qualiband.bandcamp.comDillon Cooper feat agent Sasco – One ring – LcX999 T – Let The Smokers Shine The CoupesHope – Drop Your Kniveshttps://www.thisishope.deThanks to all the riders and sponsors.!

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