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Roll Toronto Tape RAW (

RollToronto.caRoll Toronto Tape RAW
from on 28 Sep 2015

Old clips I filmed with Dan’s GL2 back in 2007. These clips sat on various hard drives for the past 8 years until I finally sort of figured out how to use iMovie.

Locations: The Rail, Orangeville skatepark, St. Clair pool ledge, Iceland skatepark, Milton skatepark, Newmarket skatepark, Ellesmere skatepark.

Skaters: Guy Crawford, Jong Kim, Hans H, Aaron Wheat, Dan Lefebre, Ricky Oats, Taylor Ritchie, Kevin Chow, Dave Ghent, Ian Grindall with special appearances by Steve Kiley and Rob the Rat Violante

TBT Vert Clips (

RollToronto.caTBT Vert Clips
from on 28 Mar 2015

I’ve always wanted to film a vert section. There’s nothing I enjoy more than trying to pull street tricks on a vert ramp, so with Dan’s help we tried to capture a few of them. I sat on the footage for a few years, but coming off the back of the Pow Wow this year I thought it would be good to get them online. If you’re anywhere near a vert ramp, please go give it a go!

Skate Vert.

Fall Sessions

RollToronto.caFall Sessions
from on 22 Dec 2014

We haven’t been filming much this summer, so we felt this weird obligation to shred hard at the end of the summer. Sound familiar? The feeling usually comes around once a year. So we tried to hit up a few spots this past fall. Check out what we came up with.

Edit by Dave Ghent. Skating by Aaron Wheat, Sylvain Chaussee, Dave Ghent, Guy Crawford, Manny Hung, Chris Savage.

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