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WNS 2015 (Sean G.)

Sean G.WNS 2015
from Sean G. on 20 Apr 2015

We had a rough winter in NY this year. Luckily Oil City added a few new “blader friendly” obstacles that made the park 100x better than it was. Needless to say, because of the shitty weather, rollerbladers from all over the tri-state area came out every Wednesday night to blade the park. This is the end result.
Thanks to everyone who helped film this piece! -SG
S/O to Paul and Jesse

Sk8rs in Order of Appearance-
Chris Dejesus, Zach Anthony, Anthony Marasa, Tokin, Steve Nichols, Zen Grossman, Jal Zaso, Antonio Lassalle, Jordan Baez, Ian Copp, Ozzy Velez, Kris Craig, Mikey Roman, Jesse McEneaney, Phil Weaver, Taylor Kobryn, Tyler Knight, Anthony Marchione, James Kobryn

Frankie Spears, John Doez (Chubbz), Austin Croteau, Camo_Flee, Joey Scannella, Jay Steez, Andy Crack, Ado, Austin Sullivan, Shane Mcgrane, Hector Gonzalez, Mike Torres, Kevin Lebron, Shawn Gradilone, Christie Toledo, Trevor Johnson, Bobby Reichel, Jay Philly, Austin Paz, Chauncey Jenkins, & Sebastian Michalski. (yes i’m done)..

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Big Apple Blade 2014

Sean G.Big Apple Blade 2014
from Sean G. on 9 Feb 2015

A New York blade video released in 2014. Shooting was from summer 2012- fall 2014. Video features blading from Trevor Johnson, Shawn Gradilone, Chris Murphy, Chauncey Jenkins, Sean Grossman, Sal Zaso, and many others.

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Sean G.#222Woodward
from Sean G. on 28 Jan 2015

A weekend at Camp Woodward PA with the Oak City Skateshop squad.

Thanks to Long, Jimbo, Jimmy, Adam, and everyone else for this amazing weekend.

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Jalheads Dos.

Sean G.Jalheads Dos.
from Sean G. on 31 Dec 2014

Happy New Year….

Shoutout to Beyond the Ledge Wax for all the support, and thank you to all of our supporters.

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from Sean G. on 18 Dec 2014

This is a short film I made for my Sound Design class. It was shot on an HVX200a and GoPro Hero 3+ Black Ed in 24p. The sounds were found on freesound.org and the rest were some foley recordings.

Starring Brian “Tokin”
Add. Cameras-Sal Zaso

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