from ROLLER SEVILLA on 22 Jan 2017

a trav├ęs de YouTube Capture

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Brian Freeman Vibralux VOD (

Brian Freeman Vibralux VOD
from on 22 Jan 2017

After releasing Alex Broskow‘s NYC VOD for free, Vibralux continue their generous streak by uploading Brian Freeman‘s section. Freeman’s section is probably the biggest surprise of the VOD series and arguably more interesting to watch than some of the parts from bigger name skates. There is a lot of diversity in this section and some serious stunts as well. That scorpion bail looked nasty as hell and it takes a big man to get back up and lace that trick after such a scary slam. The video was filmed and edited by Adam Johnson. Read our interview with Brian Freeman HERE. Watch more videos of Brian Freeman HERE.

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Riggz Skate Park (deville509)

deville509Riggz Skate Park
from deville509 on 22 Jan 2017

Chemi Simiyu, Cody Sherman, Casey Willett, Chris Regan rollerblading

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MVI 4942 (Florian Lebon)

Florian LebonMVI 4942
from Florian Lebon on 21 Jan 2017

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Day465 (Kazu)

from Kazu on 21 Jan 2017


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