Tom Moyse10 Insane Places People Have Skated
from Tom Moyse on 7 May 2023

What are the most insane place people have rollerbladed?You can skate almost anywhere which has pushed people to all sides of the globe in search of new an untouched spots. Rollerbladers are always looking for more way to be creative which has seen people skating ice sculptures, water parks, iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, tunnels, bridges you name it. So here is a list of the top 10 wildest places and obstacles people have rollerbladedBecome a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Alright00:03 Rollerblading in Siberia, skating ice sculptures01:52 Skating a waterpark, Hashassins and Black Market Julian Bah02:50 Dump Truck – Nick Wood Santee crew03:42 Montreal Olympic Stadium IMYTA Brian Shima05:12 Blading Burma Dom West, Gav Drumm, Mathieu Heinemann, Joe Atkinson – skating a tunnel06:03 Skating on a rollercoaster 06:56 Rollerblading the Eiffel Tower Taig Khris08:17 Jumping Sacre Coeur Taig Khris09:17 Skating Buckingham palace King Charles III Sam Crofts09:57 Skating Pyramids in Greece Delfon Dio Cayenne Project11:14 Natural Half Pipes in Mexico Cuadro11:52 Rollerblading the Ouse Valley Viaduct Joe AtkinsonSources:ILIA SAVOSIN – AQUAMARINE BOWER // SWEET SHIN MUSIC MarketHashassinsJump Street Podcast Episode 61 with Azikiwee Anderson Wood | Filth section | 2008 BURMA : Gav Drumm | Joe Atkinson | Mathieu Heinemann (Rollerblading Documentary) Taig Khris Khris Saut Tour Eiffel Officiel Record Taig Khris interview for Be-Mag mobile Mega Jump Tag Khris Sacr Cur Record Officiel Vally Viaduct Skating with Joe Atkinson