Tom Moyse10 Reasons To Start Wizard Skating
from Tom Moyse on 29 Oct 2023

Wizard skating is an amazing style of rollerblading that has been around for less than 10 years and is growing all the time.There are lots of interesting things you can do with wizard skates and lot of benefits. Whether you just want to glide around for fun or youre trying to get fit. Maybe you want to challenge yourself, learn some tricks and push your creativity. There is something for you and theres a reason Its gaining in popularity all the time. From the moment you start wizard skating you’ll start receiving benefits from it. It’s a great a way to get fit and keep active, which in turn will be great for your mental health. You can use it to clear your mind and relax you can also use it as a way to set challenges and set goals. This will keep you motivated. There are many styles within wizard skating that means it’s always interesting and you don’t need to reply on other people. You can go out and wizard skate on your own so it can fit into you schedule.Maybe you will go with the natural rocker frame then move onto the progressive rocker frames. Once you start getting into tricks you can pick up the advanced frames. So heres 10 reasons for you to pick up some wizard skates.Thanks to everyone who helps support the channel, you can be a part of that by:Becoming a member: some merchandise: donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Reasons to start wizard skating00:22 A great way to keep fit and active02:03 Great way for your mental health03:31 Lots of variety within wizard skating04:48 You can do it on your own06:17 Low risk high reward08:20 Age doesnt matter09:23 Community11:03 You dont have to be good12:05 Wizard skating is fun13:50 Its constantly evolving15:00 Bonus – Exploring New Places15:55 Bonus – Improves all youre skating especially aggressive skating 5th Element – Nils Jansons