Sven Boekhorst14×41 VERT feat. Sven Boekhorst
from Sven Boekhorst on 11 Apr 2022

Amsterdam has a brand new halfpipe and Sven blessed it with his signature style tricks. Technical liptricks and amazing control in the air. The taste of it is well balanced and totally up to date. Hit play and get started.1441 is a well flavoured and tasty non-profit collaboration of Sven Boekhorst and Niels Groenendijk. These two chefs serve a 3 course video meal so the next generation of inline skaters can start cooking their stuff.Go to the website, and enjoy your meal. Liked the taste of it like we do? Feel free to tip and donate for the future generation of inline skaters. More information on www.14× + Graphics: Niels Groenendijk