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Last clip of 2019 x Montre Livingston (Montre Livingston)

Montre LivingstonLast clip of 2019 x Montre Livingston
from Montre Livingston on 31 Dec 2019

What up world, your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here. So, my 2019 was a good year. I did tons of skating all around the world. Won a few good competitions. Met a bunch of new friends. Had my own contest for the second year in a row. Spent more time with the fam and just VIBED all year. Earlier in the year I did a trick that I wanted to do for years but never thought I was good enough. It took many many attempts but, I pulled it off. As 2019 was coming to a close, I decided I’d do one more NEW TRICK for myself. Just to see if I could do it. This is that trick. It took me forever. These aren’t all the attempts because I wasn’t filming at the start. Although I dont slide it as long as I would have liked, it’s still a WIN in my book. Cheers to the end of a great year and the beginning of a new one.
Happy New Years FOLKS

This is not an INSTRUCTION video. Skate at your RISK.

This video may contain language not suitable for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised.

Adrian Deck: Pills Wheels Introduction 2020 (PILLS WHEELS)

PILLS WHEELSAdrian Deck: Pills Wheels Introduction 2020
from PILLS WHEELS on 31 Dec 2019

💎 PILLS WHEELS welcomes Adrian Deck to the team!

Adrian Deck is an amazing rollerblader from Switzerland. His skating is a mix of hammers and creative stuff. Some would characterize his tricks as mental. 🇨🇭

He has been working on the PILLS WHEELS introduction section for quite some time. As you can see, Adrian Deck holds rollerblading traditions while also bringing his new style to the table.

At the end of the day, his approach allows him to skate the spots that you probably will pass by.

We are proud to introduce Adrian Deck to our fans. Check his flawless skill and don’t forget to drop ❤️ and share this gem.

📹 Filmed by Robin Meyer. Claudio Antonelli, Patrick Huber, Kris Markiewicz, Dean Bradley, Nicolas Renken

🎬 Edited by MCP, Mile Rakić

🔈 OST: Lunice – Bricks

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A year in review: 2019 (TheBizOne)

TheBizOneA year in review: 2019
from TheBizOne on 31 Dec 2019

I wasn’t gonna do it, and then I did it. Here’s a bunch of random garbage that happened int 2019. This year has been incredible! From the birth of This Week in Blade, deleting ex’s, strengthening important relationships, blading, skits, and just hanging out with my friends again. We as humans are quick to focus on the negative and tend to forget the amazing things that happen. These edits really help us see the light. I see so many people posting “2019 was terrible” “So glad to be out of this decade” and I think that if they had skating, and had a reason to comb through everything they did/accomplished this year, they would see just how special they are.

📹: @gregorypreston @choc0leet @jaychubbs @jimenez650 @tharealcharliehustle @juicedsuckafoos @thewhitewolf_sb

Song: Lauren by Biiz

Shout out to:
@acostablades for the mention!

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