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Blading Spain #5 – Michael Mller (Unlabelled Media)

Unlabelled MediaBlading Spain #5 – Michael Mller
from Unlabelled Media on 31 Dec 2022

One session Blading Spain in Barcelona with Michael Mller from Germany featuring Xavi Eguino and Richard VazquezFilmed and edited by @GaetsKrop Music: Egoby “Neo Tokyo” (available on all major streaming platforms and Beatstars)WEB STORE GIRLS by Unlabelled Media lot of blading, aggressive inline skating, patins street, roller street, patinaje aggressivo, bladies basically#bladingspain #blading #bladeordie #inlineskating #patinsstreet #patins #roller #patinajeagresivo #sports #extreme #barcelona #valencia #madrid #mallorca #bcn #barna #inline #agresivo #slide #grind #trick

ends (Anthony Medina)

Anthony Medinaends
from Anthony Medina on 31 Dec 2022

The latest feature from the CANDY crew: “ends”Intro 00:00 Song: Jesop – Bluebird (Open Your Eyes)Timona Kasue 04:19Song: Lil Wop – Lost My MindDan Robinson 7:21Song: The Abigails – It’s Nothing to MeIsaac Parks 10:27Song: Little Bob – I Got LoadedHeath Burley 13:28Song: Junior Kimbrough – Done Gone Old // Queen – Stone Cold CrazyMick Casals 16:30Song: Porridge Radio – Back To The RadioTroy Maimone 20:02Song: Soudiere – Feel That // Gravediggaz – 2 Cups of BloodBrandon Bobadilla 23:18Song: Elmore James – I BelieveAnthony Medina 26:40Song: Beach Goons – A.M.Andrew Broom 30:54Song: Patti Smith – Pissing in a RiverOutro 36:04Song: Crocodiles – MirrorsSecret Section 42:01Song: Hypnotize Camp Posse – We Bout to Ride

Mesmer NYC Vol.1 Review. Their impact, rise and why they are important. Rollerblading (Tom Moyse)

Tom MoyseMesmer NYC Vol.1 Review. Their impact, rise and why they are important. Rollerblading
from Tom Moyse on 31 Dec 2022

Mesmer skates brand is growing from strength to strength, with the latest edit MESMER NYC VOL.1 being a prime example. NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: take a look at people reaction to the edit, review the edit, break down Mesmer impact on rollerblading, talk about what I think they do well and why they are so important to skating.00:00 Alright00:31 Positive comments on NYC Vol.101:50 Reacting to the new Mesmer edit19:34 Mesmer impact on rollerblading21:21 Billy O’Neill on Wheelscene22:25 Importance of being authentic in skating23:32 Negative reaction to Mesmer24:45 PatreonsThe edit features:Dominic BruceJohn BolinoMarc MorenoLevi Van RijnMartin DanningDennis LopezGabriel AdrianiJimmy KobrynBilly O’NeillLuis CorralesAmber RiveraMatty ShrockTaylor PophamDevin SzydlowskiFilmed by Taylor Kobryn Additional cameras: Martin Danning, Levi Van Rijn, Marc MorenoEdited by Taylor Kobryn & Marc MorenoTitles by Pablo EstarriagaMESMER NYC VOL.1 THERE YET ?! RISING Episode 64 – Billy O’Neill (The Rematch)

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