Anthony Medinaends
from Anthony Medina on 31 Dec 2022

The latest feature from the CANDY crew: “ends”Intro 00:00 Song: Jesop – Bluebird (Open Your Eyes)Timona Kasue 04:19Song: Lil Wop – Lost My MindDan Robinson 7:21Song: The Abigails – It’s Nothing to MeIsaac Parks 10:27Song: Little Bob – I Got LoadedHeath Burley 13:28Song: Junior Kimbrough – Done Gone Old // Queen – Stone Cold CrazyMick Casals 16:30Song: Porridge Radio – Back To The RadioTroy Maimone 20:02Song: Soudiere – Feel That // Gravediggaz – 2 Cups of BloodBrandon Bobadilla 23:18Song: Elmore James – I BelieveAnthony Medina 26:40Song: Beach Goons – A.M.Andrew Broom 30:54Song: Patti Smith – Pissing in a RiverOutro 36:04Song: Crocodiles – MirrorsSecret Section 42:01Song: Hypnotize Camp Posse – We Bout to Ride