Hark Meuss21-22 (ADIEU ACL)
from Hark Meuss on 22 Sep 2023

The highly anticipated comeback 5th elephants pro team introduction did not go as planned. The goal was to collect the typical 40 for 40, but my left knee had different plans. Now the (even bigger) double-comeback is going to happen in … 2030. With curb stalls.Working title was “Was hat dich blo so ruiniert?” but the Sterne deserved better than this. Underworld/Koze turned out to be just perfect.Filmed by my friends, thank you. Co-starring the talents of Jens Kfner, Philip Schnerstedt and Camill von Egloffstein.Original and iconic šŸ˜‰ frames at: https://www.ententegoods.com/#2122 #adieuacl #5thelephants