Tom Moyse4 New Boot Brands, Yuto Goto M12 Skate, Blade Hate, Winterclash 2024, Rollerblading Needs You!
from Tom Moyse on 13 Feb 2024

Rollerblading step into February and there is loads going on. Winterclash 2024 is next week! We have four new boot brands in the aggressive inline skating market, TNEC, Loco Skates, ECHO and Cougar.Mery Munoz got her second pro USD Aeon and could we see the USD, Fabiola da Silva, Bladies Aeon at Winter Clash? Roces skates teased up what looks like Yuto Gotos M12. We have had loads of new edits from Dom Burce, Marius Gaile, Eugen Enin, Simon Isles and loads morewe are also going to talk about how you can have an impact on rollerblading regardless of talentIf you’d like to see the channel continue: All support it greatly appreciated.Become a member: some Merchandise: the Patreon donations and more: up some Muzzle merch USD Sway 2024 Eugen Enin selling his skates01:24 Winterclash 2024 Joe Atkinson and Julien Cudot dont have Sponsors02:02 Yuto Goto Roces M12 Skate – USD Fabiola Aeon02:51 Sean Kelso TOOEASY MVP 2023, T8-3 video premier with THEM Skates03:35 Omni Skate are here04:12 Dead Wheel Dominic Burce and Marius Gaile05:30 Cidy Life Simon Isles06:00 TNEC 58 Skate08:45 Loco Skate new rollerblade09:15 Anarchy inline skate new brand ECHO10:09 Cougar aggressive skates10:39 Blade Hate 14:25 How you can have an impact on Rollerblading 16:35 Future stars of rollerblading, iconic female rollerbladers17:10 Sea Gang17:40 Them Skates18:09 Mery Munoz pro Aeon19:18 Human Error Yuto Suzuki19:40 Hawke Trackler – Feathers Appear Angels Are Near 2024 // What is new? // inline skating LIFE Aeon Mery Munoz II Pro Skate Promo Error 2024 Skates – 3 New Skate Brands!