Zack SavageA Day in The Bronx!
from Zack Savage on 24 Aug 2023

fun day out in the bronx with ghetto community and the Montgomery monsters! hit up the golden lady skatepark and stacked a bunch of clips on a “chill” sesh lol then we hit the streets and skated the famous BX black rails and clipped up for ghetto community’s upcoming video “organized crime 3” and I also managed to sneak some clips of the homies for y’all as wellfinally we ended the night with some tacos and a dope view point! all and all was a super fun day with everyone and we’ll see y’all at the metro card classic this weekend!featuring: @scumbagdr0 @liljoey334 @Malachi_da_ripper_@crxck_kills@_jokap @frankdangelo80 @wavy.crokkett22