Anamorphic/Astera Kodak vision 1 tests (Quinn Feldman)

Quinn FeldmanAnamorphic/Astera Kodak vision 1 tests
from Quinn Feldman on 27 Mar 2019

These were quick tests we did with some expired Vision 1 film I was using for a project. We didn’t do a thorough, detailed test as I didn’t have much of this film stock left for extensive tests. I really just wanted to see the quality and look of the stock and also what it did paired with newer LED lights. Lucky for us there was a surprisingly large amount of anamorphic glass at Panavision for us to test. I ended up liking the T series and AWZ anamorphic zoom the best for this particular project. This test video had a single pass of color done to it but there is another video on my channel with the raw version. Thanks to the lovely folks at Panavision for their help and constant support.

Kodak Expired Vision 1 500T 5279

Arri 235

B Series Anamorphic
C series Anamorphic
E Series Anamorphic
G Series Anamorphic (not seen here)
T Series Anamorphic
AWZ Anamorphic Zoom

Asteras Rented from Sunless

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