Jo Zenk#athensbladehouse after war scenery (fake leg trophy)
from Jo Zenk on 28 Dec 2022

Athens Bladehouse is an event hosted by Nick Kouros. Once awarded sickest event of the year by local vice magazine it is truly something special.It is an inlineskating competition within a house located in beautiful athens. followed by an incredible party with concert in the living room… Trophys are special too. this one is a fake leg which I got for taking the win at 2022 event. I placed it in between the mess of the next day to exagerate the look and feels of the day after – right before we started to clean it all up. an invitation only event. get in touch with nick kouros for info. check the for cool clothing & merch. support the event and brand!#syeahskate #athens #rollerblading