Brandon DrummondBACK TO BLADING IS MAKING AGGRESSIVE SKATES! Julien Cudot, Rollerdrome, Escend & More Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 22 Aug 2022

Law the owner of 50/50 frames mentioned he has been working on making some aggressive skates in his 100th episode of Gear Talk, Julien Cudot drops an unbelievable VOD, Rollerdrome Quad skating video game, Escend E-skates and much more rollerblading news.Try YouTube Premium me Live! clip: 540 Front Flip Danilo Senna Back to Blading is making Aggressive Skates! Julien Cudot VOD 2022 – HEADS UP PC and Playstation game ft Quad Skating Invite to YouTube Premium – Doing so gives me a month free Powerslide NEXT NO WAR 110 Skate NICOLAS AUROUX Pro Razor SL Skate Sam Croft Pro Aeon 60s Black Austin Paz By The Slice edit RV THERE YET ?! – Mesmer Brand SKATES presents : DEAR AUDREY Clarks x Them wheel & liner leaked Oysi Caleb Smith OY3X Clementine Pro Model Chassis Escent E frames launch 25th Aug 2022 Young Killers edit NEW ENTRANCE Ender – Massive Mizu More of my stuffTwitch: Patreon: Exclusive Videos: Instagram: Laced NZ – My Merch: TOP SECRET DISCORD, TikTok, Twitter, Subreddit & more