Tom MoyseBest 90s Rollerblading Brands
from Tom Moyse on 18 Sep 2023

Rollerblading or inline skating was at the top in the 1990s. 29.1 millions people were putting on inline skates and it was everywhere. MTV sport, Movies like Airborne and there were lots of amazing brands.Im going to take a deep dive into brands like Cozmo wheels, FR, England Clothing, Fiction and tell the story behind this amazing rollerblading brands from the 90sIf you would like to see more of this and support the channel:NEW Merchandise: a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Grestest 90s rollerblading brands00:37 Cozmo wheel, Osi Skate and Cockroach wheels01:40 Scott Crawford Jump street Podcast Cozmo02:21 Daily Bread Magazine Rollerblading03:01 The Majestic 12 Roces Arlo Eisneberg 04:13 FR Wheels Nick Hartman05:40 Ryan Jackalone FR Wheel06:14 Dave Ortega Jump Street Podcast06:58 Clothing 967 Launderings – Senate and Medium08:54 Jon Julio England Clothing, Josh Petty and Dustin Latimer10:08 History of the grind plate and CDS Detriot Grind Plates11:01 Fiction Clothing – Chris Garrett, Dave Paine and Dan Jensen13:01 Kyrptonics Wheels14:02 Hyper wheels inline skates14:41 Pawn clothing rollerblading – Pawn gloves and wrist guards15:48 The story of 50/50 frames and grind plate – Back to blading Lawrence Ingraham – Jess Dyrenforth 18:05 Senate, Medium, Mindgame and Daily BreadSources (more soon)Uncle Ollies Brief History of Inline SkatesBe-magOne-mag