Tom MoyseBittercold Showdown Wrong? Winterclash 2023, Calling Out Lino, Female Challenges in Rollerblading
from Tom Moyse on 28 Feb 2023

Bittercold Showdown 2023 and Winterclash 2023, Two huge events in the rollerblading calendar have happend in the space of two weeks, which means loads of amazing tricks, new inline skating products, fresh skating videos and loads more.NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a Results:PRO:1. Julien Cudot2. Joe Atkinson3. Jaro FrijnBCSD 2023 Results:1. Luke Naylor (USA)2. Julien Cudot (France) 3. Joe Atkinson (UK)SourcesWinterclash 2023 in 4K – Julien Cudot Bobi Spassov David Sizemore Yuto Goto Eugen Enin Joe Atkinson: Trackler : Mag Winterclash Tricks Ever Skates – Thanks for the Patreon ClipsBitter Cold Showdown 2023 SHOWDOWN 2023 FT. GHETTOCOMMUNITY AND FRIENDS