Blade Ventures rainforest skating – Powerslide Next Outback 150 (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesBlade Ventures rainforest skating – Powerslide Next Outback 150
from Powerslide Inline skates on 7 Aug 2018
Peep Santi from the Blade Ventures crew skate off-road in the middle of a South American rainforest on his Powerslide Next Outback skates. Follow the three friends on the pages above to see more updates of their amazing trip, skating 7000km through South America.

The Powerslide Next is the first of its kind – the first TRINITY 3-point mounting hard shell inline skate in the world.
The Powerslide Next Outback is the most powerful SUV skate in our collection made for extreme use like downhill slopes or BMX trails. You don´t have to be an adrenaline junkie to skate the next Outback. The skate is also suitable for an exhausting endurance training. Now, with Powerslide Off-Road skates you feel home on and off road. Thanks to the big tires, which also offer good grip on wet or dry surfaces you are no longer limited by the terrain around you. Cobble stones, dirt or other rough surfaces can be mastered with ease. With Powerslide Off-Road skates you are able to start your skate session right from your home without needing to find a smooth road. The Powerslide Next SUV skate is fully loaded with awesome features and offers plenty of custom options for you. Adjust the flex of your skate by cutting the wings of your shell or customize the support by changing the cuff height. You can even adjust your cuff. The TRINITY mounting offers many possibilities to change your skate to a different skate model for more skating fun. Ride with comfort. The heat moldable MYFIT Recall liner which covers two sizes is a class of its own. The memory foam padded liner feels super comfortable right out of the box yet gives you all support you need for SUV off road skating. The indestructible Outback frame with its three-point mounting is perfectly suited for SUV skating. Besides enhanced power transfer and reactivity the Outback SUV frame scores with a super low center of gravity which provides perfect balance, stability and control.
Find out more tech specs about the NEXT OUTBACK 150 here:

Powerslide Next Outback 150 – Blade Ventures off-road skating
Skater: Santiago Lopez
Skates: Powerslide Next Outback 150 – 908233
Location: Rain forest road 1, South America
Video: Marian Sorge

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