Blading Chats with Joe Navran (json adriani)

json adrianiBlading Chats with Joe Navran
from json adriani on 11 May 2020

I guess there’s no need to introduce Joe.
He was one of the most influential filmmakers in our scene, from ELEMENTS to Coup De Tat, from Amateur to Fruitbooter every video production by Joe Navran was a guaranteed success. It was either for the people he filmed or for the always right musical choice. Joe, together with all the FP, was able to change the face of blading. With him we talked about Future Prospect, playing golf with Chris Haffey and what it meant to go around filming with people like Aaron Feinberg, Dustin Latimer, Josh Petty and so on.

Blading Chats with Joe Navran

– FOR 2 – Future of Rollerblading 2 –

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