Blading Chats with Ryan “Buck” Strauss (json adriani)

json adrianiBlading Chats with Ryan “Buck” Strauss
from json adriani on 6 May 2020

Buck has a mission, to push his brand to the max trying to hold a certain standard.
A full-time worker, working more than 40 hours a week, Buck takes care of his brand as soon as he has a moment. Red eye. The dedication and charge he puts into his brand is remarkable. How remarkable is the way he wants to treat his team riders, looking for a bond with each other and always ready for a confrontation about the brand.
With him we talked about Red eyes, covid19 in florida and what it means to run a wheel company at this moment in history.

Blading Chats with Ryan “Buck” Strauss

– Blader Union presents Jon Fromm – Way of the Road (Rollerblading) –

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