Blank Solo Liners (Inline Warehouse – Aggressive)

Inline Warehouse - AggressiveBlank Solo Liners
from Inline Warehouse – Aggressive on 26 May 2016

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Blank Solo Aggressive Skate Liners are back in black. A mainstay in the aggressive market for their comfort and near bulletproof durability. The sole has been thickened substantially to improve toughness, but it also improves support and sole-to-boot firmness. This translates to better power transfer and higher performance. The outsole has been reinforced with a leather toe cap and heel section. The quarter panels are now better padded, and constructed with a better wrap for even more sturdiness. V-Cut cuff, reinforced lace loops, and separate, independent lacing, all combine to provide one of the best skate liners from the number one inline skate manufacturer, Rollerblade.

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