Capepenaigre (Electrifying Home Made)

Electrifying Home MadeCapepenaigre
from Electrifying Home Made on 15 Jan 2016

As featured at #pbiff, we bring you…#capepenaigre part 1

We were in the beautiful island of Penang for almost a whole month blading, filming & chilling. Starring #DSAllOut Memen Mansor, Qari Foo, Helmi Zuqubert, Sotong & Edosh Azhar, #DSFamAllOut Jeerasak Tassorn, Azizi, Wafeeq Daei, Kamil Amir & Adam Depoyster

It’s all about the fun of blading, and exploring new sights and most definitely, great spots.

We planned to finish this project and produce a DVD of this part, plus part 2 & 3 (we’ve got a lot more footages to work with). But I guess it’s time DS move on to a new project, so we’ll be releasing the other #capepenaigre parts from time to time.

Do continue to support quality blading projects.


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