Intuition SkateShopChad Tannehill – S9 Bearings Pro Rollerblader
from Intuition SkateShop on 23 Mar 2020

Own Chad’s S9 Pro Series bearings at TanneKILL, as he more well known, started rollerblading at 10 years old. Hailing from the dusty foothills ‘oil rich’ town of Taft, CA, his first sessions were under the watchful eye of fellow Taft native / Intuition team rider Anthony Luna. More recently, alongside S9 bearings founder and fellow Razors/Intuition rider, Derek Henders9n, Chad has carved out a name and a path all his own.From the unforgiving skate spots he prefers to tame, to his persistent ‘don’t quit it ’til I get it!’ style, Chadwick TanneKILL is collecting clips and converting doubters into believers at a rate that’ll have you doing a double take as to what you just witnessed! As his travels take him across the United States on skates, one thing is for certain – this steel rail wrassler won’t be turning it down anytime soon! And word on the street is if you cant spot him, you can definitely hear him snoring away after a long day of skating. (‘It sounds like a truck backfiring!’ – Anonymous)Chad Tannehill rides Razors SL skates, S9 bearings, 50/50 frames, Red Eye wheels, and Moonshine anti rockers – all available at http://intuitionskate.comFollow: by: Cody NormanFollow Intuition Skate Shop via