Comparing 4 braking techniques // tricktips // Thisissoul Vlog // Inline Skating (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulComparing 4 braking techniques // tricktips // Thisissoul Vlog // Inline Skating
from Thisissoul on 19 Mar 2019

inline skaten has a big overlap with skiing and ice skating. A lot of the techniques are even called the same. this might be disceiviving though! Ice skating is done on a skaterink and skiing is done on a skislope. in both these situations there are no traffic lights, no pedestrians. no sudden changes in the type of terrain you are using and no cars to watch out for!

these might be the biggest reasons why people in general over estimate the difficulty of inline skating. they might think, ” ah i did fine on the skaterink or skislope last winter, so ill be fine one inline skates in the streets.

One extra reason why inline skating is much harder is because ice and snow are very slippery. it is very easy to do a snowplow stop on ice skates or ski’s becasue it takes no effort to get in to the slide.
With polyurethane wheels and tarmac there is just too much grip to get in to a slide. you will have to work for and AND know what you are doing.

Thisissoul is not only a big skateshop, but we also have a big skateschool! during our lessons to beginners we fockus on the 4 most used techniques for stopping!
These are.

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