Tom MoyseDid Ilia Savosin Go Too Far? Were Roces Right To Take It Down?
from Tom Moyse on 13 Oct 2023

Did Roces skates, pro team rider Ilia Savosin go too far with his latest video or was it a complete overreaction.I take a look of the whole thing – including what actually happened in the video.The post went up the other day and Roces asked their young rider to take it down. There was an apology from Roces, specifically MartinaMargiotta, which was followed by a short apology from Ilia and then a must bigger post to address it all.Clearly it was not malicious but it’s not that simple.There is a fair few things that play into this and make it a bit more of a nightmare from Roces side and theres issues I think people are slightly overlooking.The reaction to the video was mixed and it might well be that Martinas apology got a stronger reaction.Ill break it all downThis channel can only keep going with you support and i’m really grateful for it. You can help the following ways:Become a member: Merchandise: donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a What did Ilia Savosin Do?00:58 How Ilia became a Roces rider01:52 Why isnt he a pro skater? Roces hesistation02:21 Ilia Savosin Roces 5th Element Pro Skate and his evolution02:55 He liked to push the boat out – Could Roces have managed him better?03:30 Savosin Roces M12 watermelon promo04:02 An idea of how bad it was04:33 Talking about the Ilia video05:14 The fall out – Roces reaction. Nils Jansons vs Ilia Savosin 05:58 All the time to consider if it was a good idea07:14 who is this video for?08:08 Breaking down Roces apology 08:46 Why the video is bad09:49 Peoples reaction and what they are overlooking11:24 The extra pressure on Roces and Martina – No pro females12:38 Could they of managed Ilia Savosin better – the signs this was coming13:12 breaking down Ilias apology15:46 Ricardo Linos reaction16:45 People giving their opinion without seeing the video17:25 What was his intention SourcesRocesIlia SavosinRicardo LinoJump Street Podcast