Tom MoyseDid Roces drop the ball? Fabiola Da Silva Pro Skate. New Them Skate. Bobi Spassov Pro Rollerblade
from Tom Moyse on 27 Apr 2023

Roces inlines skates have just released Candy the new Bobi SPASSOV DOGMA rollerblade. It’s not had the best reception, people seem to preferrer his older pro models, including the DOGMA domestic punk skate.A few people were asking for a Fabiola Da Silva Pro Roces Skate and although there is no obligation for them to give her a skate, there are lots of reasons why it’s a great opportunity. It would be huge for the bladies community and that’s just a start.Become a member: the Patreon donations and more: MOYSE at check out to get 10% off a also go over other rollerblading new in the run up to the blading cup. Who will the new Them Skate 909 cream skate be for? Is it the new Them Skates Bacemint 909? Or could it be a Gav Drumm pro model, maybe even another skate for Broskow. 00:00 Alright00:16 Them Skates Bacemint 90900:40 Brain Dead Wheel Co – Kay Luz Moonshine Pro wheel01:07 Soichiro Kanashima Roomie edit01:49 Have Roces dropped the ball – Bobi Spassov Dogma Candy skate02:12 Roces had a great last 5 months02:44 Nils Jansons Roce pro skate03:23 Roces PURTUGALYA03:59 Yuto Goto at Winterclash 04:34 Roces m12 Lilac, Teal, Juno USF skates05:30 why people thought Fabiola Da Silva might get a skate from Roces05:56 She asked Roces for a pro skate 07:44 Fabiola Da Silva x-games vert champion 08:23 Winterclash Chances and challenges for female pros 09:22 Bobi Spassov Domestic punk apparently didnt sell well10:16 The rollerblading landscape – nostalgia Brian Shima razors, Aaron Feinberg UDS skates11:33 Fabiolas social media presences 12:44 Brazils best rollerbladerTo watch the full winterclash 2023 panel with the bladies sign up to Daves Patreon: 5th Element – Nils Jansons