Brandon DrummondDoes My Girlfriend Actually Listen to my Skate Talk? // Inline Skating Trivia Part 1
from Brandon Drummond on 11 Aug 2021

Testing my girlfriend on what my skates are called, famous people in blading & more. Will she win an extra night off cooking dinner? Part 1 of 3Rollerblading/inline skating trivia for a non rollerblader. Everything Courtney knows about skating she’s heard from me.Skates, People & Videos featured, in order of mentionThem 908 IvoryImpala Lightspeed Inline SkatesRoces M12 Joe Atkinson with Sola Frames Lot 1USD Carbons with 50/50 prime framesMicro MT plusMicro Beat with Endless Blading framesAlex Broskow 2Qs Fromm Blades Stoppard – The real #1 News Show Host ScottBlading on the brain Spazzov Aragon Shima Wellsmore the channel by…Subscribing to my YouTube Channel my “How to Rollerblade Series” at Laced NZ (My merch) a YouTube Member, getting access to perks follow me on all other social media linked below My Skate Setup…Aeon 60 Basic II 2020 Wheels Go Project Nitro Bearings Elite Helmet *Affiliate link: Intro0:40 Skates Test6:15 People Test18:32 Outro